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What is a bankruptcy trustee?

Did you know that the debt level of Quebecers is particularly high ? In fact, more than 100,000 Quebec households have a risky financial situation . A licensed insolvency trustee and financial turnaround counselor is an ideal solution to help when you have financial problems.

The trustee in bankruptcy holds a license issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (BSF) and many exams for licensure. The main role of the trustee in bankruptcy is to free you from your debts while going towards a financial rehabilitation . Learn more about bankruptcy trustees and do not hesitate to regulate your financial situation.


The missions and roles of the trustee in bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Trustee


Many people are reluctant to share their financial situation with a trustee in bankruptcy. Yet the trustee in bankruptcy is the only professional trained and mandated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act who has the authority to initiate legal proceedings to regulate the debts and finances of people in debt distress.

The roles and roles of the trustee in bankruptcy are:

  • To help you regulate and regulate your financial health by eliminating your debts or by proposing solutions adapted to your situation
  • To accompany you throughout the insolvency process
  • To act as a counselor and an officer of justice
  • To act as an intermediary between you and your creditors by applying the rights of both parties
  • To respect the law issued on bankruptcy and insolvency

With the trustee in bankruptcy, you find a trusted partner who has strong expertise to correct your financial situation.


The solutions proposed by the trustee in bankruptcy

 The solutions proposed by the trustee in bankruptcy


The trustee in bankruptcy acts for individuals, as for companies in a situation of overindebtedness. Several common solutions are applied by bankruptcy trustees.

The solutions proposed for individuals are as follows:

  • Debt consolidation consolidates your debts into one. This solution works only for individuals who are able to repay 100% of their debts with interest.
  • The consumer proposal decreases your debts through negotiations undertaken by the trustee in bankruptcy with your creditors. This solution allows you to make a single refund per month without interest.
  • Personal bankruptcy reduces or eliminates your debts by causing the least possible damage to you and your loved ones.

Concerning companies , the proposed solutions are:

  • The recovery plan aims to restore the financial situation of the company through a diagnosis of your company and recovery measures.
  • The proposal is a negotiation between the trustee in bankruptcy and your creditors. This solution makes it possible to extend your repayment periods with a readjustment of the amount under certain conditions.
  • Commercial bankruptcy frees you of debt by liquidating all of the company’s assets, thus closing it down.

Each situation is different and each situation has its own solutions. That’s why we recommend that you be accompanied by a trustee in bankruptcy to get you out of debt.


With the bankruptcy trustee N. Séguin, 90% of our clients get out of over-indebtedness . Do not get overwhelmed by your debts and contact our team today.