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3000 Euro Loan: How to apply for it?

Can I get a loan? What kind of loan can be requested and what are the general conditions for obtaining it? In this guide, let’s see how to apply for a 3000 euro loan

A loan from 3000 euros

3000 euros

To have this type of loan, by deduction, you must have the rechargeable card, which can be requested directly from the Italian Post Office. This is a form of financing for people who only need a small loan.

Before explaining in detail how to get a loan, we explain how to get. With this card you can get your salary credited since it is provided.

It also allows you to pay with the POS and to pay Contactless. You can make and receive transfers and utilities as well as paying bills. Finally, it also allows you to request small loans with BancoPosta easily and in a short time. To obtain the loan, just go to any post office.

The loan allows you to receive from a minimum of 1,000 euros to a maximum of 3000 euros. The money must be returned in 22 months, this is a fixed period regardless of the amount.

The installment will also be fixed and will be charged directly on the card every month.

Can foreigners also ask for it?

Can foreigners also ask for it?

The answer to this question is yes, as long as there are certain requirements. In particular, you must also present:

  • The passport;
  • The valid residence permit;
  • The document attesting residence in Italy for at least 12 months;
  • The document showing that the subject must have worked continuously for at least 12 months in Italy and for the same employer, the self-employed must have worked for at least 36 months.

Thanks to the website you can make an appointment specifying the reason and on the day of the appointment it will be possible to complete the operation with the person in charge.

The person in charge will illustrate all the proposals and will make a personalized, free and non-binding estimate to illustrate the financing. Thanks to the budget it will be possible to get an idea of ​​the interest rates, the expense and the monthly installment to be paid.

If the estimate is satisfactory, it is possible to continue and request the loan by completing the form that will be provided by the consultant. In a few hours it will be possible to obtain a loan with PostePay Evolution on the account.

Loan, the pros and cons

Loans are generally obtained quickly and without too many problems. This is because they do not require the provision of any guarantees given that they are small and easy to return. Nevertheless, not everyone can easily get the desired amount.

Generally, if you find yourself requesting other loans, it is more difficult to get a loan and in some cases, you don’t get it. If you do not have a payslip, there may be problems and slowdowns to get the money.

Finally, if you perceive unemployment and you have no other monthly income available, it will be difficult for the Italian Post Office to grant you a loan with PostePay Evolution, in some cases the loan cannot be obtained with Naspi unemployment.

If you are a temporary worker, the Post Office will need to analyze your situation, to obtain the loan you will need to be able to repay the entire sum before your contract expires.

If you intend to ask for a loan from the Post Office with a sale of the fifth, remember that it is not permitted to request it with PostePay Evolution, but that the Italian Post Office will provide a special loan for those who need to return it with the salary transfer salary.

For this reason we recommend that you always go to a branch of the Italian Post Office to find out in detail all the limitations and advantages of the mini-loan and to request a quote so as not to have any nasty surprises at the end.